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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – NOVEMBER 03: Berenice Marlohe attends a photocall with cast and filmmakers to mark the start of production which is due to commence on the 23rd Bond Film ‘Skyfall’ at Massimo Restaurant & Oyster Bar on November 3, 2011 in London, United Kingdom. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Very interesting thoughts about private property as a check to government power.

Data on angel investment returns.  tip of the hat to Robbie Abed.

Central banks can’t inflate prices forever.

First reviews of Skyfall.  There is a dearth of good movies out there.

What’s your opinion of airfare options?

Is the game revolution over?

One of the roughest things a founder will have to do is step aside.  Here is a guideline on how to do it.

How to become an idea machine.

How much is a trillion?

Investors need to understand how mutual funds make their money.  Here is a guideline.

How the Obama tech team targets voters.  Harper gave a talk at a lunch I was at, it was interesting.  A company in Chicago, Simple Relevance has amazingly powerful technology that can do the same with customers.

The skyjump will be attempted again today.

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