Breakfast Links

Unemployment in one chart.

Do you need to go to college or not?

Jack Welch fanned the flames of conspiracy theorists.

In 3rd grade, I lived in Salt Lake City. Used to walk to Hogle Zoo.

Dave and Buster’s calls off its IPO. Citing choppy market. Hmmm.

Trends in small business lending.

If you are contemplating a B2B business, who is your customer?

It’s all about supply and demand. Gas rationing hits California. Now the old Okies will have to take conestoga wagons to get out.

The JOBS Act. An administrative nightmare.

If you ran the Chicago Marathon today, here are some restaurant recs for you.

Is your idea any good? Find out in 8 steps.

On October 8, 1870 the great Chicago fire happened.

I read an excellent history book on the origin and development of Chicago from 1800-1900. The fire was caused by the type of buildings they built. All wood and pretty shoddy construction. If you are wondering, politicians were joined at the hip with big business back then too. Somethings never change.