Breakfast Links

I am going to put a tree stand in Lincoln Park.

This morning I am on the Mike and Gina show. We will be talking debates.

O’s win. Get the Yanks. Cards win. There was a huge blown call in the game.

I guess Clint Eastwood was correct.

What do you think about quantum computing?

Some thoughts about the US Treasuries market. ($TF_F, $US_F)

How much money do you need to trade for a living? Depends on your trading style.

New travel browser/flight finder. Flightfox. What do you think? Anyone notice how expensive air travel is? Less flights and higher gas prices jacked up flight costs.

Yesterday was International Bond Day.

Unemployment headline number dropped. U-6 didn’t budge. Non Farm only added 114K. We need 350K to do anything about all the unemployed.

NYX had some glitches yesterday. Stopped trading at LIFFE.

Heh, couldn’t run a lemonade stand…..

Do you think your spouse is spying on you?

Would be cool to dive Truk one day.

Here is the history behind it.