Breakfast Links

More bad polls.

Futures Now. New show on CNBC. It’s a great idea to mystify futures trading. They also ought to do an in depth no shouting show on options.

Bitcoin starts a futures market.

Supreme Court fires up again. Affirmative Action.

Thank God George W. Bush isn’t President anymore.

This won’t end well. Greek Neo-Nazi’s given police powers over immigrants. Because Nazi’s are so tolerant….

The Libertarian Case to vote for Romney. Well, he’s better than Obama!

Here is great news, for classical economists. Eurozone hits highest level of unemployment.

You can fight for your country, but can’t vote. Requests are down. Hope they voted already, or maybe they will be back in time.

Some indicators pointing down for stocks.

Are Tech Parks important for development?

The power of the market. Consumers are looking for alternatives like Tallgrass Beef. Markets will adjust if we let them. One way to do it would be to end grain and beef subsidies.

CME lost its currency futures years ago to EBS and the prime banking system. SEC regs made it easier. I doubt if Deutsche-Borse will be very successful at trying to steal market share unless they figure out a new way to trade or deliver them. It feels like to me that exchanges are just fighting over the same pie over and over again. Instead, they ought to focus on growing it. The last successful new contract listed by a futures exchange in the US was in 1982, S+P Futures at $CME. That’s thirty years ago……

Battle for Singapore started in October of 1941