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Black Swan Investing.

$GM loses $49k on every Volt. It’s accounting costs, but the economic costs are probably higher.

Went to the White Sox game last night. They beat Detroit.

I don’t unnnerstan Sox fans. Why are there empty seats? First place. C’mon, go out and support them. Reinsdorf ought to sell the cheap empty seats in the upper deck corners for five bucks per game the rest of the season.

$GM not losing money on every Volt it sells.

Was fashion better in the 1950’s?

PB+J, now racist.

Only the stock market seems happy. ($SPY, $ES_F)

Last night, I did go to the Sox game. (See my About me page on my Sox game conditions) We sat in a booth sponsored by Mesirow Investments and I was a guest of the University of Illinois College of Business where I did my undergrad. Was great to catch up with Dean LeBrock and hear about what they are doing down there. The school is in great shape, despite the state of Illinois health. In a short chat we had, one downside to the Illinois teachers pension fund is it chases away great professors after they max out. If there was merit based or 401(k) type pay, it might be easier to get more professors to in state schools. The White Sox are getting hot at the right time. Playoff bound.