Labor Day Breakfast Links

On Labor Day, it’s really celebration of unions day. I don’t think there should be government employee unions, and sometimes unions really don’t work in the private sector either. Here’s why. We should be celebrating Creator’s Day.

Because of the expense of food, many people are starting to raise it at home. Here is the cost of raising pigs. And Chickens. Maybe there is a new line of work being developed. An arbattoir that makes house calls! Of course, unions don’t want to help small family farmers, and would stop people from growing their own food.

Like three year old kids, when unions don’t get their way, they have temper tantrums. It’s not just in America either.

Teacher’s unions are getting more militant because they know they are relics of the past. Education in America is totally screwed up due to unions and government intervention.

Unions are economically not realistic. In Chicago, the teachers union wants a 30% pay hike. In this economy? Time to revisit one of my most popular posts ever. How much does a teacher really make?

Unions increase the cost of doing business, slow innovation, and in some cases bankrupt companies.

Of course, Obama doesn’t care about the rule of law when it comes to unions. He ignored all bankruptcy laws when $GM was reorganized. GM would have done better with a regular bankruptcy. Ironically, the company is on a down ward spiral again.
GM Chart

GM data by YCharts

Unions spend more money than corporations on politics. Four times more than you think. 4.4 Billion since 2005. Want money out of politics? Get rid of unions. Here is a list of all time top donors.

Thuggery, Card check, elimination of secret ballots, lack of transparency, all hallmarks of the modern American union.

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