Breakfast Links

My friend Dan Dicker makes some great points in this piece, except I disagree with transaction taxes.

France’s wealthy say they will leave with a 75% tax rate. The wealthy would leave in the US too.

Admissions advice for budding MBA’s.

Catching up on some financial news.

How do you make a business sustainable? Not talking about green initiatives unless you construe that as making money for the long haul.

You cannot understate the power of honesty in any relationship.

Finally, finally, we are starting to work off the housing inventory.

Obama got off a great soundbite line yesterday. Romneyhood. Romney tried to counter with Obamabaloney, which was less spectacular. But, the facts behind what Obama actually means would be troubling to anyone who thought Obama knew what the hell he was talking about.

This fiscal cliff thing is real.

What me worry? Europe puts together a rally.

Obama and many of his accolytes want to abolish the suburbs. Think I am joking. Seriously, there are academics at Ivy League schools that do studies on that shit.