Breakfast Links

How teachers unions go to bat for sexual predators? Was Sandusky a member of the union?

What does Flip think of the Chicago tech scene?

Get ready for a government GPS tracker on your car. ($GM, $F)

Unexpectedly, Obama takes economic expectations down.

Gay marriage one step closer to being on the Dem platform. They will try to make the election on social issues. One comment I heard from a gay person that got a job at Chik-Fil-A, “I don’t care how they feel, I need money to pay the bills.”

Um, this seems an awful like Fast and Furious. Shouldn’t we follow Milton Friedman’s advice and just legalize drugs? If you want to kill yourself with drugs, go ahead. No government bailouts for druggies. There will be a lot less violence and less crowded prisons with legalized drugs. How much are we spending on the drug war?

Pork industry is downsizing. High corn costs are killing the livestock industry in the US. ($HE_F, $LE_F)

Wonder what Shelby Steele thinks?

Time for China to end the one child policy.

Can the banking industry make it 24 hours without a scandal? Lately, no.

Twitter has new cashtags. The inventor of the cashtag has a few opinions about it. Stocktwits has better content than Twitter from my experience. One thought I had, Twitter has data that is unorganized. Why not entice entrepreneurs to organize it? Why wouldn’t Twitter do a co-marketing agreement with Stocktwits, and encourage more entrepreneurs to set up highly curated streams of data? For the record, I don’t have an investment in either company. There are already “lists”, but Stocktwits keeps it’s stream clean.

The man who saved capitalism.

What one value guy thinks about the market.

Looking at the Olympic swimmers, I see they are all huge. 6’4″ and up. Guess how tall Mark Spitz was? 6’0″. The game has changed.