Monday Breakfast Links

It’s still Techweek in Chicago.

HFT traders under investigation for wash trades. Wouldn’t surprise me as they hunt for stops.

Hottest 20 women in conservative media.

The last 2000 years of economic history.

The Angels of Parmesan.

John Cochrane is getting grumpy.

Fracking cuts carbon emissions more than cap and trade.

I propose in August, we don’t talk about Europe since they will all be on holiday anyway.

Why does a VC pass? For me it’s because of valuation, don’t believe in the team, don’t like the idea. I won’t invest in an uncapped convertible note.

Legal experts warn against crowdfunding for start ups.

This is a pretty cool site.

Grains were moving on up last night. It’s dry in the nation’s breadbasket.

Porsche is going to trade energy. ($CL_F)

Egypt has a new President. He is from the Islamic Brotherhood. I am not pessimistic, but I am not exactly optimistic either.

Tropical storm going into Florida.

I think I like Beyonce’s version better.

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