Breakfast Links

Headed to New Orleans, LA today. Victory Ball Saturday night at the National World War Two Museum. You ought to come on down. Fantastic time.

Obama was a member of the New Party in Illinois. It’s socialist.

Many bloggers are observing a day of silence today over this issue.

What’s changed after the vote in Wisconsin?

Ben is dead wrong. CNBC shouldn’t have bumped me for him yesterday.

If you didn’t read this about crony capitalism yesterday, you should. It’s important. Some states are kings of crony capitalism. I know a person that runs a world wide business that will not do business in Louisiana under any circumstances anymore because of the crony capitalism there. Same goes for Illinois. More on crony capitalism here. It’s insidious. Then odorous.

Finally, it’s looking like housing may have bottomed.

Want to make a trillion dollars without running the Federal Reserve?

Will success spoil the Chicago school?

President of Esotonia goes ballistic on Paul Krugman. Heh. Guess where he did it? Twitter.

More on valuations.

Good new book out. The Tea Party, Three Principles.