Immigration and Start Ups

Immigration is a problem in the US. Yeah, I know about the Arizona law and that is not what I am talking about here. I am also not referring to “Dial one for English, Two for Spanish” or the undocumented illegal aliens that come here from mostly Spanish speaking countries looking for a better life.

There is a talent shortage in the United States. We need educated people in technology, science, and math. I was recently in Nebraska and in talking to people there I found 2/3rds of the doctoral candidates were forced to leave the US because of green card and immigration issues.

That’s talent drain. Previously I have written about this and advocated Gary Becker’s idea of paying for citizenship. We need innovative, educated people to create the next generation of companies that will improve our standard of living. Sometimes it’s indigenous Americans. Sometimes it’s immigrants. Sometimes it’s a combination of both. Immigration laws on the books get in the way.

I favor having people move to America in hope of a better life. I believe that America is a shining city on a hill. No reason not to find a way to have a lot of great people live here. Instead, we are in danger of turning our country into a Roach Motel. While it’s a trickle, people are giving up their citizenship and leaving.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not for multiculturalism as defined by left wing academics. I am for different people assimilating in America just like everyone did between 1850-1920 in the great migration from Europe. This is America with it’s own unique values and culture. But, the reason America is so great is because it’s a melting pot, not a segregated one.

In order to do create value, they need to be able to open the door and get in. On that note, my friend Aksh Gupta created a Tumblr blog dedicated to immigrant entrepreneurs telling their story. If you are an immigrant entrepreneur, please make a video and tell your story.

Transparency is power. Let’s not hide behind blanket suppositions and stereotypes. Let us be objective about this and look at the data. It’s up to the immigrants to show us what they were able to accomplish after they came here. Those positive stories might open the door to let more in.

Memorial Day is coming up. The people that passed away fighting to preserve and protect the rights of citizens of this country weren’t just fighting for the people of the day. They were fighting for you and me today, and our children tomorrow. Immigrants are a part of that equation. Hope you visit the blog and check it out.

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