Breakfast Links

Diversity Training actually promotes segregation.

Bias cloaked as front page news.

Interesting article on black boxes, and people.

Watch out for the bounce.

Protestors and police didn’t clash. Protestors attacked police, police reacted.

The US ignored the protests at the NATO summit.

In January of 2013, we hit the first financial cliff.

Cubs got swept by the White Sox. Whoosh.

They found more MF Global money at JP Morgan($JPM). Must have been in the Whale’s backpocket.

James lays out some good life thoughts here.

The global middle class isn’t small.

A link to some easy beef summer recipes. Of course, we are making ribs tonight.

What can we take from Facebook($FB) and the G-8?

Should Greece punt?

Crowdfunding and local investing.

A favorite poem from an old friend of mine