Breakfast Links

Welcome protestors to Chicago. Some were complaining that they were going to get arrested and harassed by
Chicago police. Hey, don’t come then!

How Yahoo($YHOO) killed Flickr and killed the internet.

How to court programmers.

Content can’t be one cup.

Bosinian war crimes trial beginning.

If you think the late night hosts these days are funny, or powerful watch this. Carson was the best.

This is not the way to engender an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Too bad. We won’t have innovation in food like they do in LA, NYC, and SFO.

I saw this on my way home from the airport last night. Don’t understand the motivation.

They talk a good game as long as dissenters aren’t allowed to talk.

Many of the NATO protestors and Occupy Wall Street crowd are communists, or at least communist sympathizers. It’s helpful to remember what communism was really like.

JP Morgan’s loss offers lessons and questions.