Breakfast Links

Eugene Fama defends his theory.

May is Jewish Heritage Month. Here is a great story.

Read this story about The Chicago Way. You won’t believe it.

Okay, I at heart I am a geek. This is a neat opportunity to learn. And capitalists, we know you make more money when you have more information!

The Great Plains are getting feisty. Will love to see how this goes down. Wyoming, Texas and North Dakota have 0% income tax. Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota all under pressure. They are Republican controlled states. Would love to see them walk the walk, not talk the talk and really slash the sizes of their governments.

The US should privatize the postal service. It’s not an original idea, but it’s a good one.

Voter fraud in North Carolina. Can’t we just have an id requirement to vote? I have to show id for just about everything else. Would stop a lot of the fraud. Democrats are against it, saying that it’s a right guaranteed by the Constitution, but really thinking that it will make it a lot harder to steal elections. Ironic that they wrap themselves in the Constitution on this issue, and shred it on others.

Bank runs in Greece. Coming next to places like Italy.

Do you ever get the munchies?

Mobile payments are hot.

Does ethanol lower the price of gasoline, or not?

The Sherman Tank