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Hey, just wondering, did any of the MF people that lost money get it back yet? Good luck wrangling it out of JP Morgan($JPM) now. If Greece departs the Euro, it will get worse. A simple explanation of the loss.
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We are months away from the largest tax increase in US history.

Groupon ($GRPN) sales up. Did you ever think Groupon might be counter cyclical? Crappy economy, Groupon good, Humming economy, Groupon bad?

Stocks are lower this morning.
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President Clinton for all his likability, wasn’t too smart when it came to national security.

I think this is a provocative post on company board dynamics. Very good things to think about here.

The euro problems hurt Merkel.

Communists in the US Congress. Yes, they are all Democrats.

Before we get all jazzed up over the Occupy Movement that will attack Chicago, remember, many of them are communists. Or at the least socialists.