Breakfast Links

Your Inner Child

Do you dare your employees to dream?

Somehow, this editorial doesn’t surprise me. I find debate in liberal, or all conservative institutions limiting-although I find the pressure to conform a lot more in liberal ones.

Random acts of kindness from Brad Feld.

Is VC broken?

Do you can foods? I never did until around a year ago. Now we do.

How Amazon($AMZN) saved Zynga ($ZNGA).

Glaxo ($GSK) makes a hostile bid for Human ($HGSI). Been awhile since we have seen hostile takeover bids. It’s a symptom of too much cash building up on a balance sheet. It also reflects the deep changes that are reforming the health care space. The next ten years are going to be revolutionary for health care. It won’t look anything like it does today.

The Germans make it clear to the Greeks.

At Wayne State they were happy to graduate. Hope they have jobs.