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I am 50 years old today. If you knew me at age 18 you might have said he’d never make it that long. Thanks to my parents for being patient, my family for being there for me, my friends for sticking with me, and my wife and kids for putting up with and supporting me. I would be dead for sure without them. Yes, my body can’t do what it used to. There are aches and pains. But, big deal. 50 is a great age to start something new. Any age is the time for that.

There is a meet up Friday May 11 at Butch McGuire’s from 4:30 until whenever.

May 8 birthday astrology. I am a Taurus. Not the car.

If you were alive in 1945, you celebrated V-E Day. At the end of May, it’s Memorial Day. Please go to this website and participate. It’s the least you can do for them.

A lot of times, it’s also Mother’s Day.

Hey, to you younger folks out there. Sex gets better after 50.

Other people born on May 8. How come Mike Wilkins isn’t on the list? Harry Truman is though. So is economist F. A. Hayek.

Heh, I think lots of politicians still use a few of these.

I am making a donation to the museum in honor of my birthday. If you feel inclined, you can too.

This is 50.

Maybe I will go to this bar today.

What things cost in 1960.

Other historical things that happened on May 8.

I am excited to be alive. Despite all the bad political news, there are some awesome things happening that are going to change the world. Every part of our lives will change radically in the next ten years. Entrepreneurs are working on things in medicine, technology, apps, and business to business businesses that will make everything more efficient.

On another note, time is short. Just in the past week, I had a friend have a scare about his son, a family member lose his father, and I think I soon will be losing my grandfather at age 98. Life is short. Make the most of it and have fun. You never know when your time is up.

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