Breakfast Links

Do you want the red pill, or the blue pill? Pretty sharp event coming up in Chicago.

At the end of this month, it’s Memorial Day. Please record a video, or do something for this site to remember the fallen.

Tariffs suck.

1871 is open for business in Chicago.

Obama had a fake girlfriend. I know people that think he faked the whole book. He certainly didn’t tell the truth about his relationship to Bill Ayers.

Big changes might be coming in China. Jimmy Chanos is smiling.

Here is an example of why the state of Illinois isn’t getting out of it’s mess soon. It’s also a classic way the machine works.

All you need to know about the Occupy movement is right here.

How many CEO’s are running a hedge fund on the side?

Sell in May. Not in election years.

Guy getting ready for Festivus, feats of strength.