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Ugh, Bulls had a pitiful third quarter en route to a bad loss.

Glad the OWS people are so peaceful.

Good post by Howard and he is right. A long time VC remarked to me the other day he thinks many “wantrepreneurs” are coming up with sort of feasible ideas that they will pitch once the economy turns. Pays to be a patient and careful investor.

Five ways to free lance.

Who is your favorite under rated blogger?

Dow was up over 13.3k.
^DJI Chart

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Are you Jewish and leaving Obama? You are not alone.

The true lessons of the recession. The west cannot borrow and spend its way to recovery.

Should the treasury have floating debt? Don’t know. But they should issue 100 year bonds.

There was a genocide before WW2.

I spoke with a person who thinks ten years ahead. Regardless of how Obamacare turns out, medicine is going to be turned on its head. Here is one reason why.

Damn, too bad this isn’t on May 8.

Crowdfunding isn’t legal yet. But here is a guideline if it does.

Did you hear the one about the airline that bought the refinery?

I own one of these. Holds a little over four beers.

Somewhere there is a photo of me doing one. Never made it under two minutes. Saw one as fast as this once or twice.

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