Breakfast Links

Uh-oh. Entrepreneurs leaving California.

Nice of the Chicago Tribune to publish this. They are finally catching up. Kids are cheating on standardized tests through extended time. Most of them are wealthy and white. I have known this has gone on for a while now. If colleges would end acceptance by race, gaming the standardized tests would drop. That, and other incentives change the market for testing. Test anxiety is bullshit. Who wasn’t anxious and nervous before a test?

Why are comedians so neutered when it comes to telling jokes about Obama? Leno, Letterman, O’Brien, Kimmell are all wimps. They couldn’t carry Johnny Carson’s jockstrap. He would have been all over Obama. Carson was personal friends with Reagan and didn’t hold back for goodness sake. Maybe it’s because Obama is humorless-or as someone tweeted at me has an enemies list just like Nixon’s. Except he knows how to abuse it.

The networks, cable and satellite companies are running scared.

Do me a favor and “Like” this video. They need 500 likes to win 100k to start their business.

I hope college students don’t have hooks in their mouths.

Do you understand your own head when you trade? Listen to a guy who has as much of his showing as I do.

I know the school my kids attended didn’t bring in speakers for the other side. We couldn’t even get a Medal of Honor recipient on the stage. Brainwash em while you can.

Only way to be a committed socialist is be a rich, connected socialist. I am not rich enough, or poor enough to be a Democrat. Working on the poor enough.

Do you worry about manufacturing decline in the US? Don’t.

They will steal it if they can. I still can’t believe they didn’t steal it in 2000. Neither can they.

Some awesome thought provoking quotes and facts here.

Notes on a start up, from Peter Thiel’s class.

Which NFL first round QB will go to jail first? Ryan Leaf has a warrant for his arrest. As my friend said, “at first he thought it was an Onion title.”

Hope you have a great Sunday.