Breakfast Links

Moose Skowron has passed away. Met him a few times. He lived in Chicago. Was a really great guy.

Last night, there was a fundraiser for Saving Abandoned Babies. I couldn’t go, but made a donation.

Our economy plods along. Lots of people are really hurting. Lots.

To get you ready for the first Saturday in May, a perfect mint julep recipe.

Brian Lund’s week in review.

The Navy Seals are training Olympic athletes. Guess who is tiring out? Nebraska Global makes an amazing camera for a weight room. The Seals use it. They are so intense they are breaking recording devices.

Wisconsin resorts to skullduggery in the recall vote. In Illinois, every Republican is automatically down 10 points in elections because of dirty politics.

We have plenty of oil and energy in the US. We just aren’t allowed to use it.

Why the Occupy movement will become part of the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party is battling entrenched GOP people in Utah, Indiana, and now Texas.

While you are waiting for Derby weekend to come, celebrate Jazzfest. Do you know how to make a Sazerac? Nice little New Orleans cocktail.

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