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are you buying or selling the VIX?

Transparency is great. Especially when it comes to federal regulators.

Hey, lookie what I found? James Koutoulas says it’s there is enough evidence to start charging people with crime. I am beginning to agree with CNBC’s Jim Cramer that the protection from the White House is enough that we will never see anyone charged. There shouldn’t be do overs in finance.

Can Silicon Valley fix the mortgage market? As long as the government remains an active player, it will be hard to fix. All these agencies are a product of a different time when information couldn’t move at the speed of light. Where do you find out about things first, teevee or Stocktwits?

How to make a small fortune. Hint: start with a big one.

The reporting on Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman is starting to change. Henry Blodgett tweeted a Business Insider story yesterday too. I am glad that Zimmerman was charged. Now the state has to prove their case.

A lot of people that are air buff’s really love the Corsair. I have seen one rescued and restored from Lake Michigan. We have one at the museum.