Breakfast Links

Hope you had a good weekend. I have been traveling. I am still not home yet and in a hotel with grindingly slow internet. Holiday Inn Express, get more gerbils running please. Your internet is terrible.

John Corzine is still free, not charged with anything. In the Trayvon Martin case, people walked around with hoods on in sympathy. Maybe we should shave the tops of our heads and grow beards.

Big time snow for the northeast. Time to club baby seals. Will it affect GDP? If it was in Iowa, hogs would rally.

Let me save Obama $52 Million. Check out this study on speculation and oil. By the way, onion prices are more volatile than oil prices.

Are you worried about manufacturing in the US? I think the only people truly worried about it are heads of unions. Foreign workers don’t pay dues.

Eat meat. It helps us evolve.

Some cheap real estate. Solyndra’s factory up for sale.

Doolittle raiders stories. I was at the National World War Two Museum this weekend. They are pounding in pylons for three new pavilions and a huge super structure that will go over the complex. The museum was packed. The American Sector was full, and so were the soda shops. Kids, adults all over. I saw a wonderful exhibit on 9/11, this generations Pearl Harbor. Everyone taking photos on their smartphones. BTW use the hashtag, #ww2museum.