Oxford Breakfast Links

Got John Currance to download Cloudbot last night while sipping bourbon at City Grocery. I am eating at Big Bad Breakfast this morning and then driving to NOLA.

Buy or Sell Berkshire? ($BRK.A)

My first job out of college was with the Auto Trades Division of 3M. First major purchase. Milwaukie Buffer. Still in service.

2 days ago, the Doolittle Raiders bombed Japan in an amazing raid. It wasn’t just amazing for it’s surprise. Jimmy Doolittle followed the principles of The Lean Start up to plan and execute the raid.

I have one. Maybe you don’t.

Interesting topic that I don’t think will come to fruition. College debt, check out Alltuition.com.

Worst recovery evah What happens when the Fed stops printing money?

Not liking this market at all. Doesn’t feel like accumulate time. Unless you are buying puts or vol.

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