Breakfast Links

I am on the road again today. Going to Nebraska this time. NOLA next week.

Parallel lives. I am ticked at the amount of regulation in broadband, television, and phone.

Volume at a four year low. It’s all going in house, off the street baby. Your order is a license to steal.

I think suspending Ozzie Guillen is stupid. There is freedom of speech. If he is a commie lover, he’s a commie lover. Shows his smarts……

10 most likely countries to default. I thought they fixed that?

Good blog on Groupon. ($GRPN)

Tech mentoring opportunity.

At an conference, I learned that at Purdue, 97% of companies funded out of tech transfer there stayed in the state of Indiana. Interesting.

I am a top flight procrastinator.

Cancer sucks. “Life is short. And uncertain. Live it every moment. Andy – thanks for being you and letting me be part of your life.”-Brad Feld. God bless you Brad, and God bless your friend Andy. I know he means a lot to you and other people. My friend knows quite a bit about cancer. See, The Color of Rain.

Corn news. Been a weird spring. How do you handle planting?

As my friends from Notre Dame say, “Innovate Like a Champion” today

  • UCBert

    Purdue startups benefited from gov’t investments (21st Century Fund created by Evan Bayh), the ties that bind.  Good companies, including Sonarmed.