Tuesday Breakfast Links

If your company has more diverse top management, are you more successful?

Unlimited campaign spending. A good thing?

I hate $ATT. Bastards killed my internet. Called. Made me change out my modem. Now nothing works. Typing this from a Starbucks($SBUX)…which uses ATT internet. They also restrict my data on my phone when I pay for a full package. Can’t we deregulate!!! Let’s have some competition.

How NBC ($GE)manufactured a crisis.

Oh, now the Buffett Rule won’t make a difference. Of course, in the SOTU all Obama could say was we needed it to reduce the deficit. You know what will reduce the deficit? Cutting government spending. Since 4/5 of all business owners file at the highest personal rate, they should just eliminate all deductions and have a flat tax at 15%. We would grow our way out of the deficit in no time.

I make Limoncello and Vin D’Orange. Now I can make moonshine. I know where my grandfather’s still is in Mississippi.

Have a great day. I am waiting for ATT to come to my apartment.