Monday Breakfast Links

If you didn’t see the Masters yesterday, you missed a great golf tournament. Congrats Bubba. I like it when a Bubba can win a major.

If you thought that traders were simply capitalistic pig mercenaries, you were wrong.

Your perception on taxes depends on where you live. We all know the federal code stinks. Layer on it your individual state code, and see where you are at.

The words “NBC” and “News” should never be used together. Like “Nest” and “Egg” from Lost in America.

Court revives YouTube case. Look out Google. ($GOOG)

The market is addicted to the Federal Government. It’s like heroin. Once you go on, it’s tough to get off.

Groupon news. ($GRPN) Is something amiss?

Iowa outlaws lying to get on farms.

Why smart people underperform. A sort of corollary, How to be less stupid.

60 Minutes Mike Wallace passed away. He and Andy Rooney are yucking it up in heaven. Probably ambush interviewing tyrants.

Some thoughts on crowdfunding. I am mildly supportive and recognize the benefits, and the challenges. Here is a more in depth legal explanation.

The pipeline in Nebraska isn’t quite dead yet.

600 kids. And never told his wife…..

Some good economic data on the unemployment numbers from Friday. At 150k jobs added per month, it will take us three years to get to a 7% headline rate-unless everyone drops out of the workforce.

It’s a mirac, it’s in the hole!