Saturday Morning Breakfast Links

Graphically showing you how much difference the Buffett Rule would make in deficit reduction.

Here is how big the tax increase will be after the election in 2013.

In praise of speculation. Ask pecan farmers about speculation.

Great article on income inequality.

Major League Baseball will serve over 20 Million hot dogs this season. Thirty teams, 2,430 games, 30,216 average fans per game. 8436 hot dogs per game! (Hot Dog average, .279)

F-18 crashed into an apartment yesterday in Virgina. Terrible.

Ex-Facebook employees are building start ups

Unemployment was released yesterday. Thursday, there was a little pop in the market. I think they bought on expectation the number would be good. Anemic.

If you know about the Wealth of Nations, and the story behind nails, this will be interesting.

Communist Van Jones is trying to organize riots up into the election. That ties back in to the Obama’s administration signing the executive order a week ago. Remember, nothing goes unplanned. It’s the Chicago way.

Sweet swinging Fred Couples leads the Masters on moving day.

Hope you had a good Passover, and tomorrow have a great Easter.