Wednesday Breakfast Links

It is Holy Week for Christians this week. Maundy Thursday is tomorrow. Great discussion of it here.

Groupon($GRPN) sued by investor. Uh-oh. I will say that there are other great companies being built in Chicago. Groupon is a success, but now is giving everyone a black eye. Transparency and coming clean are key. Take your medicine. As an accounting professor told me once, it always comes out.

Wait until robots take over.

Angel investing activity picks up.

Energy and fracking.

Interesting, no one wants to buy-so they are renting. Even though it’s cheaper to buy. If I were moving to Illinois, New York or California, I don’t think I’d buy either.

Think about this logically. On Defense of Marriage, Obama wants justices to strike down the law-and two days ago he said if the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare as unconstitutional, it’s incorrect. I think there is an intellectual disconnect.

Another Senator unclear on the meaning of free markets. Senator Nelson of Florida. Please, don’t re-elect him.

You can do it.

If China’s market dips, it might not be due to anything but an extraneous artificial force.

Paul Ryan got off a good line yesterday. “Only certainties in life are death, taxes, and Barack Obama’s heavily partisan attacks.” Romney shored up more momentum for the Republican nomination.

Why’d you start your company?

Information you need to know: The 25 douchiest bars in Chicago and NYC and LA.

Why hedgies don’t like Obama.

Will the JOBS Act create jobs, or bilk investors.

Tornadoes in Texas yesterday