Monday Breakfast Links

Obama campaign demands all of Romney’s tax returns. Can we see all the information on Obama? How about we start with college financial aid forms, and applications. More deception. Let’s stick to the issues at hand, a massive budget deficit and no growth.

Enjoy saturated fats. They are good for you. Pass the bacon.

Glad my kids don’t go to public colleges in California. Truly sad.

Ride winners, cut losses. Easy to say, hard to do.

Kind of an interesting analysis on income inequality and the reactions to it. If you think that special interest control voting, you might want to read to the end of the analysis.

How do cash squeezed gas companies generate new cash for exploration, while remaining hedged?

Does Twitter have integrity?

Richard Branson issues his own currency.

An economists view on the mandate for Obamacare.

Should the Euro be at parity with the Dollar?

We always try to count and understand how many people are on the earth today, project into the future. How many people have there been?

Last game of the college basketball season tonight. The saying is “Defense wins championships.”. Kansas is playing really good defense right now. However, it’s not like Kentucky can’t defend. Self has done a terrific job coaching. They have great motivation and mental toughness. However, Kentucky has more talent. Kentucky in a close game. Should be a great time in New Orleans tonight. Hope the Kentucky fans stay controlled in Lexington. Never figured out why celebrating a win meant destroying the streets.