Friday Breakfast Links

Research shows the Fed created the crisis, not Wall Street. As I have said previously, Wall Street responded to incentives created by the Feds. Not the other way around. Without the incentives, it doesn’t happen.

Ha, snooty northeastern college kids, should have gone to school in the south. Tuition is cheaper too!

Interesting study on transactions.

Obama was seen buying a lotto ticket yesterday to pay for the Solyndra fiasco.

If I were Jewish, I wouldn’t be going to France anytime soon.

I have been saying the best way out of our economic mess is growth. Guess what causes growth? Unfettered capitalism.

For the Kansas fans

and we can’t forget Ohio State

The Walmart of Weed is set to open up near the nation’s Capitol. Just in time for OWS protests.

Dynamic scoring of the House budget. Dynamic, always better than accounting.

New solution to global warming: Human engineering. Please, stop. Go back into your holes.

Pig inventories are expected to be higher. Hogs and Pigs released after the close today. ($SFD, $HE_F)

Thomas Sowell on Interstate Commerce.

Commodity prices have been sliding with the dollar, except oil…..