Thursday Breakfast Links

Won’t archeologists enjoy watching our old commercials? Reminds me of Woody Allen in Sleeper.

Hmmm, when insiders sell, it’s generally time to sell. ($SPY, $ES_F)

Is Dodd-Frank going to increase costs of OTC swap trading?

The US now has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. Remember, corporations don’t pay taxes. They aggregate them.

An expert on Russia interprets the President’s message.

Talkin’ beer with some people that know them.

Legal brief on the coming police state.

Markets in everything. Based on Intrade, Obamacare unconstitutional.

MF Global treasurer declines to testify. The feds ought to be giving her immunity.

New book by The Reformed Broker, Backstage Wall Street.

Did you see the overwhelming support the Obama budget received from House Democrats?

One of my boyhood crushes speaks plainly about Hollywood.

Rats the size of house cats invade Florida’s Keys.

Gay pride at military academies.

Want to buy Michael Jordan’s old place?


The new entitlement. Pay my student loans. I think we have gone too far. End all entitlements and see what happens.

Something for UK fans

And for Louisville fans