Hump Day Breakfast Links

Too much sitting can kill you. When we traded in the pit, never had that problem. HFT can kill you? Heh.

No stock picking……

Nice essay on post modernism.

A little bit of clarity in the Trayvon Martin hullabaloo. What’s interesting is that if you are a white murder victim, the odds of you being killed by a white person are 84%. If you are black, the odds you are killed by another black person is 90%. 13% of whites are killed by blacks, and 7% of blacks are killed by whites. Looking at the actual numbers doesn’t change the situation in Florida, but it does provide some clarity. A point of information, the killer in Florida self identified as a Hispanic Democrat. Stats show the likelihood of a person classified in “other” race, killing a black is .005.
In other words, given that I found a black person dead with murder being the cause, my first inclination would be find a black person that did it, second a white, third other. I am glad they have a grand jury now to investigate the situation.

A summary of yesterday at the Supreme Court.

Some thoughts about oil. ($CL_F)

Former Navy Seal speaks out on Obama tactics. Not a fan. Thinks that Obama is deliberately creating a situation where he can enact martial law.

This is an amazing story of a downed fighter pilot. It’s amazing what we continue to learn about the past.

Always look at the bright side of life. Even being poor.

Pink slime has hurt beef demand. ($LE_F)

Economics work. Even in commodity manufacturing.

The crowdfunding act passed. Very thoughtful analysis of it.

I just remarked the other day I hadn’t seen anything on high speed rail recently. It makes perfect sense in some areas of the country, and not in others. Can we let the market decide?

Answers to planting early questions for traders….and farmers. It’s been an extraordinarily warm early spring.

Ever wonder how valuation of a start up is calculated. It’s an art, not a science.

Was watching a nature show last night. It occurred to me that the competition between species is very similar to a marketplace. Some evolve to exploit different niches. Some fight with each other. When a human enters the environment, we are told to leave it alone and let nature take it’s course. However, that same environmentalist doesn’t say the same about market forces that impact our own ecosystem and our own lives.