Friday Breakfast Links

Economic incentives reign. When a physical space is too expensive, pop up.

If you like to invest, read this. It doesn’t surprise me. Banks use every gimmick in the book to rip off real traders.

I have been totally unsettled by this Trayvon story out of Florida. I don’t like when angry mobs look to arrest anyone. I read To Kill a Mockingbird. Works for both sides. Even a pariah like Corzine deserves his day in court, if it ever comes. Madoff, same concept. More facts, or at least alleged facts, coming out in this case. Let’s let the dust settle and see what happens. Put it this way, when Al Sharpton is involved I immediately get skeptical and my bias wants to go the other way.

Are straight people born that way?

This might be a movement worth watching. A group of traders are trying to protect integrity in markets.

Always knew Santorum wasn’t that smart. Now we know it. He needs to form his own party.

The bill on crowdfunding passed the House, and is in the Senate.

Peter L Brandt nailed it.

Streetwise on the pipeline.

Want coverage for your start up? Important to control the message though as much as you can.

I am moving to Canada and voting for her.

Marx Madness. Sad but true.

Inequality on campus.

Nice Friday in Chicago