Do You Like Freedom?

If you like freedom, you should pay close attention to the Supreme Court next week. They begin hearing oral arguments for Obamacare. You might think that it’s a human right to have health care. I don’t. Reasonable people can debate that. But no one should be able to compel you to buy anything. That’s what Obamacare does. If the government can compel you to buy insurance, then what else can it compel you to buy? There are a lot of fat people in the US. Should you have to buy Weight Watchers? If you don’t meet a national fat standard, could you be prohibited from buying certain food items? You could if Obamacare is Constitutional.

Obamacare is hugely popular among the hard leftists that want America to descend from the world’s greatest capitalistic society to a grinding totalitarian state. You are smirking now. Don’t believe me, come to Chicago where a bunch of them live. Ask someone that fled the Iron Curtain what it was like to deal with the secret police and bought government officials.

The Wall Street Journal wrote an excellent editorial today and no matter which side you are on you should read it.

Unfortunately, the radicals in the White House are organizing sit ins around the Supreme Court to try and persuade the justices to ratify Obamacare.

The White House is even organizing demonstrations during the proceedings, including a “‘prayerful witness’ encircling the Supreme Court.” The executive branch is supposed to speak to the Court through the Solicitor General, not agitprop and crowds in the streets

Economically and fiscally, it is a total boondoggle for the United States. We might go broke in the near future, but we will certainly go bust if we add the huge debt of Obamacare to the US General Ledger.

No doubt the framers of the Constitution foresaw issues like a totalitarian central government trying to run roughshod over the rights of the individual. They didn’t see specific issues, but had enough experience and knowledge with centralized powers to know they didn’t work well for the cause of liberty and human rights.

The framers feared arbitrary and centralized power, so they designed the federalist system—which predates the Bill of Rights—to diffuse and limit power and to guarantee accountability. Upholding the ObamaCare mandate requires a vision on the Commerce Clause so broad that it would erase dual sovereignty and extend the new reach of federal general police powers into every sphere of what used to be individual autonomy.

The left wing celebrates the New Deal, enacted in 1933. However, the New Deal is one of the reasons we have lost some individual liberty, and the reason we are going to go broke. Government programs almost never work. They just get in the way and limit individual ingenuity.

You can barely get anything done in Chicago without paying off someone somewhere. If Obamacare is made Constitutional, get ready to have free hip surgery but you will have to pay off a government official to go to the head of the line. No cash, you will be out of luck and the government will give you a cane.

The Journal sums up and I concur,

The stakes are much larger than one law or one President. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Supreme Court’s answers may constitute a hinge in the history of American liberty and limited and enumerated government. The Justices must decide if those principles still mean something.

Read the whole thing.

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