Wednesday Breakfast Links

This is absolutely amazing. Defines “other people’s money”. $33M of taxpayer dollars down the tubes.

The Disneyland of Dairy

That new iPad isn’t just hot, it eats data.

Is it a good market or inflation? Watch the long bonds. They are the tell.

Hey, check out this company. Pretty cool service. Unlike a lot of stuff out there, it helps you plan. Not an accounting service like Mint.

The good, bad, and ugly of power aggregation.

The Ryan budget looks pretty good to me. A lot better than the Senate’s budget. Oh, that’s right. They don’t have one.

Illinois election results. Romney wins. Can we get on with the Romney v Obama race now? One funny headline. They are saying record low turn out in Illinois, except in the collar counties there was higher turnout than 2008. Republicans are still engaged-scroll down to the bottom of the page for Tribune coverage of them….

Obama’s debt blows by Bush. Heh, click for graphic vision.

Since when did the Secret Service become a babysitting service? Hubris.

Merton and Scholes say how financial reformers got it wrong.

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