Pragmatic Tuesday Breakfast Links

Later this morning I will have a blog post on the midwestern start up culture. An experienced 19 year old blogger wrote about why our midwestern pragmatism gives short shrift to an innovative culture. Something about profits or making money.

Check this out if you like to play with exotic funds and derivatives. Sometimes plain vanilla futures are better for you, and give you more bang for the buck. Especially when you are right.

This is absolutely excellent. If anyone felt like I did that Rush Limbaugh was wrong in calling the Fluke lady a slut, then read this.

Everyone talks about networking. It’s more than just meeting people.

How going public ruined Goldman ($GS).

My new Pinterest board on Midwestern pragmatism. What would you add?

I wish Paul Ryan would have entered the race for President. He makes a lot of sense here. Must be his midwestern pragmatism. What do you think?

Illinois primary is today. I am voting for Romney. Pragmatic vote, I know.

Time to boycott HBO. I don’t subscribe anymore. More detail at this link.

Why are liberals going so hard against Catholics?

Four hard truths of Obamacare. Obama is not pragmatic. He is dictatorial.

Oprah is being pragmatic.

Not as dramatic as mountains, but there is a lot there if you look for it.