Saturday St Patrick’s Day Breakfast Links

Great photos of a special place in New Orleans.

The dye the river green today in Chicago

White rice a link to diabetes.

Lot of upsets yesterday in the March Madness. My bracket isn’t in shambles. My Final Four teams all alive. I have Ohio State losing to Michigan State in the final. (other FF teams are Kentucky and North Carolina) Duke and Michigan losing hurt a little.

I don’t like green beer.

How the conservatives on the Supreme Court could ratify Obamacare.

ConAgra($CAG), set to rally?
ConAgra Foods Stock Chart

ConAgra Foods Stock Chart by YCharts

Is it the policy or circumstances?

Not a lot of inflation, yet.

What do you think about taxing cap gains? I am in favor of 0% taxes on cap gains because it’s a tax on productive capital. Has nothing to do with fairness or how people earn income. Milton Friedman also advocated for 0%. Corporate rates too since all they do is aggregate taxes.

Rosie O Donnell’s show cancelled. I used to watch her on some comedy show in the 1980’s. Never thought she was very funny. Now she is bitter. What’s Oprah going to do with her big barn on the west side of Chicago?

Ate at Tavernita last night. I wasn’t impressed. Food was just okay. Pretty expensive. The oysters were good!

Have a Great St. Patrick’s Day