Friday Breakfast Links

Second day of March Madness. Two mild upsets yesterday, VCU taking down Wichita State. But, VCU has been there before. Colorado beating UNLV also was a mild upset. But, Colorado won the Pac-10 Tourney. The Big Ten looked strong.

Okay, this is cool. Joe Kittinger had huge balls jumping from 19.5 miles back in 1960. Better equipment, better technology. Felix ought to be able to do this.

This guy was swimming with investment bankers

Me my Shark and I from Chuck Patterson on Vimeo.

Great chart, the start up curve. Trick is to time your sale correctly.

Ever wear a dress? Congrats. I am 25 this year.

Offshoring of workers is not a zero sum game.

Taskrabbit talks international growth.

Economic analysis of the mafia.

This could be something to watch. Cool idea. Aps anywhere, and internally.

China’s factories are turning to temp workers. It’s not why you think.

America’s war on women. Again, not what you initially think. I grew up with sisters, had virtually all female cousins on both sides, and raised two daughters. I am empathetic to women.

I got rid of HBO too. It’s a trend.

Too bad they didn’t vet him in 2008. Hillary would be President today and she would have been a lot better than Obama. Full disclosure, in 2008 I wrote her and John McCain checks. tip of the hat Ace.

Current projections for US Senate post 2012 election.

3 Hard Realities. You know, statistically we are ought of recession but it sure doesn’t feel like it.

Thoughts on the Goldman controversy. I agree with the points Barry made. Huge change in corporate culture and focus that happened after 1999. Regulation changes also gave different economic incentives to change the system.

Goldman Sachs rules the world…heh.