Thursday Breakfast Links

March Madness starts today. Big party at TechNexus in Chicago.

Exec at Goldman($GS) quits in a blaze of glory. Maybe it’s because Goldman Sachs loves Obama? Truly, the banks are in pretty bad shape, monetarily and culturally. Have to blog on this later….

Puppies make you learn about giving.

Weather was amazing in Chicago yesterday. The joke is that Chicago was settled by New Yorkers that desired the same amount of dirt, corruption and simply wanted to experience it in colder, wind chilled climes.

Is Syria about to topple?

Obama’s syllabus while he was a law professor. Radical writing was required reading. You won’t hear this stuff in the regular news.

Leon Panetta narrowly escapes. Thank goodness he is safe.

10 reasons Wall Street will crash.

Americans future with meat.

Words can’t express my shock at Chris Matthews. Why isn’t the media in a tizzy?

Everything comes down to math. Even celebrity marriages.

Monetary policy in a liquidity trap.

Are you still bullish gold($GLD, $GC_F)?

Watch out, it’s the Ides of March