Monday Breakfast Links

Policy does matter. It’s why you have to pay attention to it, unfortunately.

That Boingo thing in airports is a huge rip off. They billed me extra on my last trip off a bait and switch scheme. Only cost me $7.95, but I am hoping I save you some money.

March Madness has begun. I think it has been since 1996 that no team from the State of Illinois was in the NCAA tourney. Bradley, DePaul, Loyola, Illinois State, Western IL, Northern IL, Southern IL, Eastern IL, UIC, Northwestern and the Fighting Illini all crapped out. NIT madness in Illinois!

Why baby boomers may have tough retirements.

Sort of a bobcat photo. Every time I deer hunt and check in a deer, they always ask me, “Did you see a bobcat?”. I never have.

Eddy Elfenbein says the last three years have been great for buy and hold.

Adam Smith versus Crony Capitalism. Yes, he foresaw that. There has always been crony capitalism.

Taxes are going up big time in 2013.

Should Israel strike Iran?

Maybe Meredith Whitney will be correct on her muni call yet.

Will computers be obsolete by 2020?

Be social. Be competitive.

Is there a growing class divide?