Wednesday Breakfast Links

Romney won in Arizona last night, and squeeked by in Michigan.

If the Republicans nominate Santorum, it will be four more years of Obama. Santorum is precisely what is wrong with the Republican party.

Yoga, a sex cult?

A VAT tax would be devastating to the US. Especially assuming no other tax reform were enacted.

Efforts like this is why Democrats have made it a priority to hold all the Secretary of State offices in the US.

Some statistics on follow on funding rounds.

How commodity trading differs from stocks. He forgot to say it wasn’t as whored up.

How come we aren’t bailing out Yahoo?

I am glad that Ms. Tavakoli reads my blog. Wish she would have credited me or James Koutkoulas for the Sarbox suggestion.

CME files against MF. It looks like to me a few things may have happened. One, GFX, a CME subsidiary, makes markets in currencies and they got caught with postions. Or, they were letting emicro, emini and regular futures positions ride, not netting them and wiping them off the books to show more open interest. Exchanges do that sometimes to show volume and open interest.

Ever had durian? I have.

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