Tuesday Breakfast Links

Sorry, yesterday I was in Nebraska visiting my sister. People make fun of Nebraska, but it actually was really nice weather when I was there. Sun was shining. The line to go through security was short, no traffic, and I forgot to check in on my flight but still was in the top 40.

RIP Marty Furlong ($CME). An old pit trading friend of mine, badge MRTY, and one of the Furlong brothers who plied their trade in the Eurodollars. Marty was really a good guy. He lost a fight with stomach cancer and leaves behind a wife and children. When they print the obit, I will try and remember to link to it.

Economy stinks. Lots of new regulations to interpret. Should you go to law school?

Bob Kerrey, a Medal of Honor recipient and former Nebraska Senator is going to run to try and plug Democratic leaks. While I respect Kerrey’s military record immensely, I hope he loses. Can’t forgive him for casting the deciding vote for the Clinton tax increase. He has flip flopped on the running decision. Can’t really blame him for that because it’s a tough environment to run in.

One thing that did MF Global in was Corzine’s hubris. Hey, guess who else has a lot of hubris?

This is pretty cool. Listen to it. Support the National WW2 Museum.

5 ways to cut college costs. I know a couple besides not going to college at all. Quit subsidizing it.

Some liberal bias directed at places like Nebraska.

8 reasons gas hits $5 this year.

The usual bearish suspects.

China, rosy future or not?

Two views on inflation.

Here is an economist that thinks the US is in worse shape than Greece.

Want to know how patent IP laws relate to your start up? Law has changed and it has consequences. I am not a fan of the new patent laws.

It’s 3am.

Hmm, a start up designed to make communication between sororities and frat chapters easier.

Citizen of nowhere.

Love the Ole Miss tailgate, but this might be a fun weekend trek.