Sunday Breakfast Links

Do you remember the story of Sidd Finch? Captivated people back in 1985.

After they get the Catholics, they will go somewhere else. Always do.

Hey, they inside trade, funnel money to their cronies, does it surprise you that DC is the adultery capital of the US? The other problem. 99% of them are lawyers.

I am sorry, I just don’t have any sympathy or empathy for people that desecrate cemeteries. Especially WW2 cemeteries.

This is insane. When I was a little kid, my friends and I used to design bombs that we would drop on Vietnam to end the war. My uncle was in the Navy there and I wanted him home. We used to play war in the backyard with imaginary guns (baseball bats). We’d set up POW camps. Imagine what they would have done to my parents today.

Do you follow rugby? Pretty exciting to watch it actually. 6 Nations going on right now.

Should you be guarding your fry oil now that gas prices are skyrocketing?

Somehow, I don’t think he’d make it as an entrepreneur. Doesn’t listen to the market.

How to ace a Wall Street interview. First step, follow the advice in Pink Floyd’s “Have a Cigar”.

Silicon Prairie moving to new headquarters.

Retracement. If people are bullish, it could be a face ripping break. Or, is there a silver lining?

There was another less known hoax. McGuire University. “We play hurt”. Used to be a pennant behind the bar at Four Farthings in Chicago. The story I heard was that they couldn’t get tickets to see Loyola play Cincinnatti in the 1963 final.

Warren Buffett’s letter to shareholders is always informative. I happen to be flying to Lincoln, NE today. Sister lives there.

Want to join the mile high club? Someone close to me said, “That’s not fun. The whole point of the mile high club is to join the mile high club when you aren’t supposed to join the mile high club.” For the record, I am not a member.

Monkeys might.

It’s Oscar night. Even Oscar screws up.

This one dedicated to Todd, Tom, Jane, Brendan and Rex.