Saturday Breakfast Links

Oh crap. I just started doing yoga.

Saw Van Halen last night. Eddie rocks. Man can he strum a guitar. David Lee Roth just can’t sing, and because of his age he can’t move anymore. We all get old. Eddie is amazing.

If you are a prostitute in Chicago, you are more likely to “perform” with a cop than get arrested.

Love Mad Men. Premieres Mar 25th.

I guess the idea is to get us all blasted before the G7 meeting. Maybe we won’t notice. Chicago Beer week is May 17-27, which is a few days more than a week but whose counting?

Things start ups never confess to their VCs.

Is Jennifer Aniston a libertarian?

Awesome, Aussie women scams Nigerian scammers out of 30K!

Hyde Park Angels is holding office hours in Chicago.

Will voters bite?

A Nobel Prize winner weighs in on biofuels. All I know is every time I have looked at a green energy business plan, it doesn’t work without government subsidies. When solar is looked at, they always promise X amount of energy and actual performance is .1x.

If you are on Facebook, check this out. I really like it!

The USDA polishes its crystal ball. Don’t know why I am linking to this. They were terrible last year with virtually all crop forecasts. The USDA caused more market volatility than suppy-demand effects!

China’s Olympic team is raising its own food. Maybe they could buy these chickens.

Does anyone think Geithner could run a real bottom line business with an attitude like this?

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