Ash Wednesday Breakfast Links

It’s Ash Wednesday for Christians all over the world. This is the most solemn time in the Christian calendar. For forty days and forty nights we are supposed to reflect. Prepare for Easter. I never quite make it but this year I will try again. Best part about Ash Wednesday in the old days. We’d order fish sandwiches from Broker’s Inn or Berghoff and chow next to the trading pit!

For Lent, I am actually going to give up something this year. First, I am going to give up sweets. My daughter is giving up sweets and I am with her. Yesterday, I had my first Paczi. Apricot. At the French Market in Chicago. Was good, but goopy. I imitated a bomber pilot and put an apricot bomb on my shirt.
Next I am giving up listening to all political programming on radio and tv. Ace makes a good case why. I don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh every day. Quite frankly, since I live in the city I rarely listen to the radio at all. But, when I am in the car and it’s the right time of day sometimes I listen. He can be entertaining. He sometimes makes some really good points. However, if you are a conservative in this election, it can’t be a line in the sand. It has to be about winning and many conservative bedrock points, especially economic ones, can only be won over time. Reagan was a great conservative, but compromised a lot to get broader things passed.

Since America is moving south to take advantage of the better economic conditions, y’all better learn the language.

I didn’t know Ernest Angley was running for President.

You have to love Chris Christie.

Friend of mine said SELL $CAT.
Caterpillar Stock Chart

Caterpillar Stock Chart by YCharts

Land prices are rising across the corn belt.

Obama might be lucky.

Namaste. I can’t believe how sore I was Monday.

Video from the lastest Santorum campaign stop

Ernest Angley: ‘potenza’ di Do from Giacinto Butindaro on Vimeo.