Saturday Michigan Breakfast Links

Drove up to Michigan yesterday. I am near Detroit. Brought my armor piercing bullets and night vision goggles.

I am in the studio on the Mike and Gina Spehn show. Talking social media. Hope to get my wife on the air too.

Hey, this guy predicts two statistical outliers.

I thought President Bush shredded the Constitution.

Want to see a bobcat? Wolves too.

Cleveland Fed predicts no inflation. I disagree in the long term.

The new civility in political speech.

There is great beer being made in the Midwest. If you haven’t tried 3 Floyds Gumball Head, you are missing something.

A betch takes on Linsanity.

talking with my sister about lunchbox inspectors. Really is the insanity of big government.

I miss having a dog. We always had French Brits. Hunted with them. The beauty of the hot was watching the dog work in the field.

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