Breakfast Links

Gary Carter has passed away. He was a player Cub fans loved to hate. But boy, was he good. Can you imagine the 1986 Mets without him?

Personal branding is hot. You might want to read a legal perspective on it.

Next week, pitchers and catchers report.

Hilarious. If it wasn’t so sad. They didn’t reduce the deficit, not even close. Smoke and mirrors accounting.

What happens when you apply to business school.

GOLD! ($GC_F) This moved the supply curve slightly. Raining gold.

Everyone is talking about capitalism in crisis. Managed capitalism is in crisis. Becker sets the world straight.

Stay away from forex. Forex trading is pretty tough. Replicates a random walk pretty well.

Checking in with the Fed.

What do you think of Aquaponics? New start up capitalizes in Chicago. If your a chef, give em a try.

Seth has had a million cups of coffee too.

Why do you need a tank in New Hampshire?

Start ups talk about their experiences with angel investors.

An oldie but a goodie. Have a good week end.

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