Valentine’s Day Breakfast Links

Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Here is the real story behind the day.

14 Ways an Economist says I love you.

Pitching to investors. Some good info here. Presentations aren’t books. Investors don’t have the patience for plot development.

If you like hoops, this ought to warm your heart. John Naismith was a humanitarian.

I am on CNBC’s Santelli Exchange today at around 10:15am CT.As Rick and I were about to go on, they killed the hit… uff da. Posted a couple of photos on Instagram.

Courage has no color, or gender.

A betchy guide to Valentine’s Day.

What do you think of the new wave of deregulation in utilities? I know of a few ways to save big money on power. Here are two. One is Power2Switch. Then there is North American Power. They each take a different approach. Which do you think is more powerful?

A little about Valentine’s Day cards.

It’s Starbucks ($SBUX) Appreciation Day today.

I wasn’t for bailing out the auto industry, the banks, and all the other BS that Bush and Obama pulled. It’s costing Mitt Romney in Michigan though. The correct economic policy is to let them fail. The businesses would have been reconstituted and the bond holders wouldn’t have been ripped off.

The myth of the market crash.

Happy Valentine’s Day to taxpayers. Obama wants to increase your taxes, big time.

Beer has statistical significance.

CFTC creates subcommittee on HFT. Heh.

Putin wants Russians to have more sex. Probably should halt Vodka production and subsidize Viagra.

Yes, they are totalitarians.

Happy Valentine’s Day. A little Miles Davis for you

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