Tuesday Breakfast Links

Tom Brady is a competitor. There is a fire that burns inside him. You have to like competitors. Yes, Eli is a heckuva competitor too.

January in tickers.

read this on Afghanistan.

The rise of HFT.

This is why Gary Becker is one of the greatest economic minds working today. He takes a very tough issue, and envelopes it in economic theory. Rational expectations, Coase, and other economic theories are all there in his analysis. Don’t think about this in terms of what’s good or bad-no one can make that judgement because it’s values based.

Are you one of them?

Yesterday was Ronald Reagan’s birthday. Best American President of my life. He fought some tough battles before becoming a publicly elected official.

Investors are worried, Josh Brown says don’t worry. Market doesn’t act like it wants to sit down to me even with all the bad news coming out of Europe and threat of collapse in China.
SPDR S&P 500 Stock Chart

SPDR S&P 500 Stock Chart by YCharts

The one good reason for Groupon. You can save money on massages!

There are other great places for start ups besides the coasts.

I don’t care where you are in the birth control/abortion debate, but this was politically dumb by Obama. Why pick a fight when you don’t have to? Because you are an idealogue, not a pragmatist.

Interesting #beonfire chat last night on Twitter.